Farfetch plans to hire hundreds of new employees for its new Lisbon offices

Farfetch plans to hire 500 new employees by the end of the year. In addition to the new hires, the luxury e-commerce platform will also invest 1 million euros in new installations in Lisbon. The new facilities will provide a work space for 300 people, and by the end of the year will be the site for hundreds of employees. 
José Neves - farfetch

“The move is synonymous with our capacity for rapid growth,” said Fafetch’s general director Luís Teixeira, adding that the new space and employees will increase the Portuguese company’s total workforce to 900 employees. 

The Portuguese company claims to have invested 3 million euros into the country in the past year alone, not including the 500 new employees it plans to hire by December.

The new Farfetch facilities will be located in the D. Luís I Building, in Lisbon’s Santos region. The space will be primarily used for developing new technology, but will also contain areas dedicated to customer service, human resources and administrative functions. 

To keep the “Farfetch effect" alive, the company has equipped the new space with a ball pit, a grand piano and a game room, among other amenities "that make the space different and contribute to the creation of a unique work environment,” it said in a statement. 

Farfetch CEO José Neves emphasizes that the new space allows the company “to grow and reinforce Lisbon’s technological team and to continue to offer new innovations for the challenges of future clients.” One of the latest innovative gambles from Farfetch is its Store of the Future, a physical storefront in London that places technology at the center of the consumer’s experience. 

Translated by Emily Jensen


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