The Chic Collab' for September: Jade Jagger x Karoline Lang

It all came from one meeting between the Lebanese designer Karine Tawill with her label Karoline Lang, and the artist jeweller Jade Jagger. They both have a passion for beautiful materials, and the masculine universe that they feminise each according to their own taste. This inevitably gives life to a collaboration focusing on two revised shirts.Interviews:Karine Tawil: I am in love with beautiful products and I really like jewellery as well.I love beautiful pieces and I like to mix them within my personal style which is rather architectural and structured; some baroque or worked jewellery. I like this mix, so it makes sense because it's Jade’s style and it's also the style of my collection.Jade Jagger: I think that we both love a little bit of a unisex, androgynous feel, so I love the shirts, I like a classic tailored look, and I think that together we have a sort of similar style. I love the old-fashioned way of wearing jewellery within a shirt button and so I think that all of that is very relevant, and very ‘now’. So, to have a little bit of jewellery to incorporate into your clothes is beautiful.Music free of right: Bandit & Nikit

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