French Fashion Institute to hold annual industry forum on 7 December

On 7th December, the French Fashion Institute (IFM) will welcome over 300 industry professionals in Paris for its annual 'Perspectives International Mode & Textile' conference on the main industry trends and challenges, whose programme has just been published.

Held at the Maisons de la Chimie venue in Paris, the meeting will feature presentations by the IFM's experts, as Gildas Minvielle, the Director of the Institute's economics survey department, will assess the fashion industry’s results for 2017 and the forecasts for 2018. Evelyne Chaballier, a consultant to IFM, will talk about the future of fashion retailing, between market saturation and the growth of e-tail. Another consultant, Christel Carlotti, will present a ranking and a strategic analysis of fashion retailers, and assess the challenges faced by businesses in Europe and the USA. The latter will also be the focus of an analysis presented by US management consultancy firm Globe Ally.

Patricia Romatet and Thomas Delattre, respectively the IFM's Director of Studies and the manager of its survey projects, will present the findings of an exclusive, Europe-wide survey on the factors affecting the purchasing path of women. Unsurprisingly, the survey addresses issues such as the key role played by end-of-season sales and promotions, and the adoption of alternative consumption modes.
As usual, the day will open with a bird's eye view of the international situation. Denis Ferrand, the General Manager of French economic studies institute Coe-Rexecode, will talk about the global economic scenario envisaged for 2018. A round-table discussion will feature Geoffrey Bruyère, co-founder of the Bonne Gueule menswear blog, representatives of Altima, an agency specialised in digital retail innovations, and of Heuritech, a provider of AI solutions for the fashion and beauty industries, winner of the LVMH Innovation Award.
The forum of course includes industry personalities among the speakers. Philippe Houzé, Chairman of the Executive Committee for the Galeries Lafayette group and lead director of Carrefour, will tackle the 'adapt or disappear' issue. The day will end with a talk by Olivier Saguez, founder of French design consultancy agency Saguez & Partners, about the creation of connection sites.

Translated by Nicola Mira

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