Translated by
Isabelle Crossley
Jun 13, 2019
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Have influencers lost credibility with consumers?

Translated by
Isabelle Crossley
Jun 13, 2019

Since the era of sponsored blogs, the question has been asked of the real effects influencers have on their audience and the mistrust that partnerships between advertisers and influencers can foster in consumers. A study conducted by Rakuten Marketing indicates that currently 34 percent of consumers cannot rely on an opinion from a sponsored publication, no matter how much they trust the influencer who made it.

One third of surveyed customers had already unsubscribed from an influencer who publishes too much sponsored content- Shutterstock - Shutterstock

The Rakuten survey quizzed 3,600 British, French, German, American, and Australian consumers. Only three percent stated that sponsored content would cause them to be wary of a brand and the influencer who promotes it.

According to the survey, sponsored content or a lack of trust created by it are not the main reasons people unsubscribe from influencers. Despite it not being the main reason for unsubscribing, 33 percent did state that they had unsubscribed from an influencer in the past due to them publishing too much sponsored content. 

Although sponsored content can factor in to people unsubscribing, other factors play a larger role as 41 of surveyed consumers reported unsubscribing from influencers due to simply loosing interest over time and 37 percent reported unsubscribing from influencers who did not correspond with their fundamental values. 

“As long as an influencer continues to publish content that is both pertinent and interesting for subscribers, they will retain their following,” concluded the survey. “However, once the subscriber has found what they want, they will then search for the next influencer who will help them to find what they are looking for in that moment. This presents a good opportunity for influencers and marketing specialists to find a constant stream of new subscribers and consumers, as long as their content remains relevant.”

There exists a back and forth with trust for the audience who are constantly being exposed to influencers and their advertisers rather than a steady erosion of confidence. No less than 80 percent of customers stated that they had purchased a product recommended by an influencer and 61 percent said that they will readily click on sponsored links from influencers. 

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