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The designers on holiday with Bruno Frisoni

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For some the word "holiday" goes with well-deserved rest and prospective joy and for others with horror, inactivity symbolizes nothingness! overview of our designers, workaholics ... so holidays, what do you think of them? and your happiest memory ? with bruno frisoni bruno frisoni : when i arrive in a new place, a new country or something like that, i always have a moment of comedown, that is to say that it takes me a day or two before coming round to the place, it is not an unease, but there may be too much of what the english call 'expectations', we may be waiting for it too much and finally there is always a moment of disappointment, like when a collection is finally delivered i always feel a little bit of a comedown. i have organized a life where i work a lot but i can also go away more often, for a little while at different times so it's not any more the idea of waiting for one moment but having different times during the year. i know at the end of august i will go to a friend's house where we'll meet for 3 or 4 days which is very nice, then ten days later we celebrate his birthday elsewhere so therefore we start again even though the holidays are supposedly ended. i prefer small leaps like that, because i really didn't like the countdowns, before the holidays begin and then when they're over. so i have different memories. music - copyright free