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Peter Pilotto Spring Summer Collection 2013 in London (ITW)

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They are the popular designers to watch out for.behind the label peter pilotto lies the duo : peter pilotto and christopher de vos. and just like their colleague mary katrantzou, they focus their work on prints which they have revolutionized. they also play with volumes with tails and ruffles on the sleeves and on the bottom of skirts. both from the antwerp academy of arts, they have learnt the sharpness of the cut, but in addition they also have a very english creative imagination making their work very interesting. music from fashion show peter pilotto : it was very important for us to have a different balance in this collection and we found it very exciting to have a lot of black and white, but that was very rich by itself, so there were many shades of lilac, blue and turquoise in the black and white section actually. so embroidery and embellishment is something very important for us, the reason why we do prints is very much about a desire for colour, and it's of course such a great way to express that, with beading and embroidery it's another good way and we love to work with this very classical craftsmanship, but to make ours and to make it modern. we wanted to really explore, that was the main goal, and we knew we wanted to work with different volumes, and so these volumes taught us how they have to be achieved, so we looked into different constructions and those corsets underneath the dresses are quite beautiful actually, if you see them by themselves- they have really amazing lines and they have to be quite strong to speak volumes. there are lots of frills and padding, it was great to work with such classical techniques that are leaning on couture techniques.