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The Debutante Ball - Making of the 3 days of preparation

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For the debutantes, the ball is not just an evening. they have an ultra packed schedule. two days before the ball, an important photo shoot for the american vanity fair with a big photographer. girls must wear dresses , jewelry and shoes, identical to the big night. it's the day before, we start again, new photo shoots were organised, but this time with all the debutantes and for many magazines sold around the world. all the photographers try to grab any unseen footage. and indeed the day ends with a dance class for fathers, daughters and cavaliers expected to accompany the girls to the opening of the ball the next day. the day has finally arrived, the ball takes place tonight. the girls have appointments from the early afternoon to prepare. makeup sessions and hair follows. the wait between preparations can be long. the hotel de crillon has become their second home, they wander naturally in bathrobes and slippers. and after having spent two days together, they become friends. at the end of the day, the cavaliers join them and the excitement escalates. the last details are completed before the official parade in front of the 330 guests. music free of right / bandit &nikit 2012 interview ophélie renouard : this is the idea of the ball, it's the idea that the girls make their debut in couture and in the media, they are generally very young because we have this idea to discover them, so it's always the idea of discovery from the start. jonathan becker : it's not professional, they don't pay attention and they're a little distracted and it's more beautiful, it's more natural. i do this every year, so i think of the arrangement as soon as i have the girls, i start like this and it evolves. justine vilgrain : we are always standing up, in heels, with the dress, the makeup, the hair, so you have to be on the ball, to be ready. it's nice to feel pampered. lan vy tran : i feel stressed with all these pictures, and all the journalists everywhere, i didn't know that it would be so huge, and i feel a little tired. especially with this dress, i'm scared that it'll be trodden on, my cavalier is just as scared as me!