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Umit Benan - Menswear Fashion Show Fall / Winter 2013/14

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Umit benan is experiencing a growing success in milan, by developing his own brand whilst for the past year also being the artistic director of the house of trussardi. always surrounding a bizarre mise en scène,( this time it concerns \"kidnappers/robbers\" parading in hoods), he creates a link between new york and italy, by boldly mixing sportswear with well cut suits. he uses nylon and cotton while working them with velvet and leather. for the first time, he includes prints in a total look. a good energy for wearable clothes. music from the fashion show interview umit benan : it was the first time i really wanted to go street and easier clothes and more sportswear and it\'s the first time i\'m using prints in my collection. i\'m using nylon, sportswear fabrics, i always headed more sartorial, it was more italian compared to new york. this is the season i think i paid so much more attention to the pieces, because on every piece you have 4 or 5 different fabrics or lots of patches, i mixed velvet, leather, nylon, all sartorial wool fabrics, a lot of jogging pants kind of fabrics, so it was a lot of work and i only presented 20 looks but it\'s much more than that, it\'s like a 200 piece collection, so you have much more of a range, compared to the show.