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Narciso Rodriguez Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in New York (with itw)

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Narciso rodriguez always transports us to his poetic universe. very feminine suits take colour surrounding cognac and navy. dresses with thin straps as well as jackets, end in a point and bring fluidity to the allure. the association with the woolmark label has resulted in several experimentations surrounding wool over the whole wardrobe. a wardrobe appreciated by actress jada pinket smith and daughter willow, very excited about the release of the collection. music from fashion show interview narciso rodriguez : it's a great season for tailoring, dance materials but also playing very soft, fluid materials. ever since i was in school i've been taking wool and cut it on the bias or taking silk and bonding it to different materials or embroidering it. this season we bonded different fabrics together and then embroidered them. i was in sao paulo, brazil and i saw an exhibition of a great brazilian artist named lygia clark and she did very interesting things, very curious things with graphic triangles, so that was a big part of the inspiration behind the collection. willow smith : i loved the show, it was amazing. jada pinkett smith : i'm so happy that i came, i saw a couple of piece that i want to try and order and snatch up but it was a beautiful show and my daughter really enjoyed it so it was good one. she's also going to grow and have the body that i didn't have, she's going to have long legs, and long arms and be super tall and i like to dress like a tall woman but i'm 4'11, she's actually going to be tall!