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Unique Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in London

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Topshop\'s unique label opts for innovation, by broadcasting the show live on google but also placing micro-cameras in garments. from a fashion point of view, the silhouette is far from avant-garde. the wardrobe is composed of wearable pieces, in tune with the times and basics like enveloping lilac coats, a chocolate leather skirt, or a trouser suit with a printed sweater. music from fashion show interview sir philip green : i think we\'ve got to keep pushing the brand, pushing the boundaries of what we\'re doing, we want to be at the forefront, i think both the venue, what we\'re doing, the tie with google. i think we want to be innovative in whichever way we think is the right way for the brand. kate phelan : we\'ve taken inspiration from the classic sheepskin jacket, the sort of car salesman crombie, we\'ve taken the utility street worker outfit and sort of given it a new twist and added a sort of luxury element to that. the idea that she sees the unique collection and she just wants to wear it right there and then and it is about being modern but also incredibly wearable. kate bosworth : i admire this company for its innovation and its forward thinking and courage, they\'re just on the frontier of the technical aspect of commerce and it shows.