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Erdem Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in London

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It\'s been several seasons now that everyone from the fashion world hurries to the erdem show. turkish designer erdem moralioglu has repeatedly proven his talent and demonstrates it once again with this latest collection held at the white cube gallery in london. models carry a much darker and more intense side than usual, but still with that romantic touch. a duality is inspired by ingmar bergman films and is reinforced by garments with embroidery found at the front and with a simple back composed of just a zip. floral prints are very present and are adorned with fluorescent tones applied on several suits. a veil appears to cover dresses as to protect them from the outside world and to guard their sensuality ... music from fashion show interview erdem moralioglu : to me, it was less about a story of flowers and more about this idea of darkness and the different shades of darkness and black, because black isn\'t something i\'ve ever really explored in my work so i was very interested in the different shades of black and the idea of creating something that felt quite cinematic. it was embellished at the front and very simple at the back with a zip, it was this idea of making something that feels very couture, feel very modern.