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International Festival of Fashion and Photography of Hyères - Photo Prize (with itw)

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In addition to fashion, the hyères festival is also known for its contests and photo exhibitions. for this 2013 edition, ten photographers from around the world were selected to display their latest works in the famous villa noailles. their common factor: staging, often with humor, the world around them. it’s the greek petros efstathiadis, who won the grand jury prize chaired this year by charles fréger. music free of right / bandit & nikit - 2012 interview charles fréger : here we have people who build, who create a variety of studios, who create materials and structures and who photograph them. from there we already have possible points of comparison. i also think there’s a great diversity because there are different cultures, like someone from an asian culture compared to someone who comes from greece, there are many sacred differences. i think in photography, it’s no longer just about making beautiful images or for the images to have coherence, it’s how you present yourself, how you are as a photographer. i think photography is also rather a matter of attitude, an attitude of a photographer is particular. patrick scallon : i am very touched by the work of petros, the greek man who worked in his native village, with a critique of the state of greece today, its economic state, the role of the family with this photo of his father who always sold apples but then taken in a studio with rotten apples at his feet, it really touched me. petros efstathiadis : it was a great weekend and this is amazing, i don’t know how to describe it. basically it’s about greece, about my small village which represents greece in a way. my father says it’s greece, he’s very humble, has a very low profile but he’s strong in a way.