A Pop up exhibition of Madonna’s most iconic outfits presented at Macy’s in Los Angeles (with itws)

The famous Macy’s department store in Los Angeles rolled out the pink carpet, for an evening to present the new “Material Girl” collection, led by Lourdes, Madonna’s daughter. For the occasion, the star agreed to exhibit the most iconic outfits from her personal collection and eternal objects of inspiration, for a pop up exhibition, for just one night…

Music free of right / Bandit & Nikit - 2012

Arianne Philips : She has a fantastic closet where she has kept a lot of her wonderful costumes and together we helped put together these costumes for the exhibition, but she chose which ones she thought would be best on display together. We had so many to choose from.

AnnaSophia Robb : It’s definitely like a history lesson of pop culture I think, she’s been such an icon throughout the decades and still is. So it’s really wonderful of her to be able to put herself out there for people to see who really look up to her and admire that sort of bold sense of fashion that she has.

Vanessa Hudgens : Material Girl is a line created by Madonna and her daughter Lola, it’s really great, affordable prices sold only at Macy’s, but there’s something for everybody, it’s chic, fashionable and really easy going and just really great, there’s something for everyone, so I love it!

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