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For men on the red carpet, the traditional tuxedo is a must!

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There is a lot of talk on ball gowns and evening dresses but what about clothes for men? actors and directors flock in front of the cameras and for them it’s just as important to walk the red carpet elegantly dressed. big fashion houses also look to dress them but with a slight difference, it’s not a question of trends since the suit, jacket matched with trousers may be tolerated, an unwritten rule exists that the tuxedo must be favored. music free of right / nikit & bandit 2012 interview tomer sisley : in general you should try to be as chic as possible, immaculately dressed. this year we will try to go a little more classic than usual, that’s why we’re at ermenegildo zegna. a brand that fits in the italian way with black and white colours, instead of all black like how i am now, which is more fashionable. arnaud legrand : the traditional code of the tuxedo is black and white, so all black, a white shirt and a black bow tie. the stars come here and we generally advise them on day outfits for interviews, or tuxedos for the red carpet. a characteristic of this period is that we have to go very quickly, we have to deliver directly to the hotels and alterations must be made in generally less than an hour, it’s an important work and it comes from a workshop who is devoted to us here and who do an amazing work. we try of course to retain all the clients who are there during the festival, it’s also an opportunity to meet people from abroad, in cannes there is a fantastic clientele who are there for all the parties.