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Costume National Spring Summer 2014 Menswear Collection in Milan (with itw)

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Ennio capasa dictates to us his vision of the urban cowboy. wearing a stetson, the costume national man marches to the sounds of jonny cash and depeche mode, two sources of inspiration for the designer. there’s a bit of a rock’n’roll feel to the wardrobe with leather being the material of choice for both fringed shirts for the real bikers or the jackets which are all masterpieces of the collection. premium lightness. with a fitted line and sharp suits – good tailoring is always appreciated with the italian label. as ever, black is contrasted from white, mustard or turquoise. on the suits entirely, or with little touches on shoes, gold closed the show with a bold note. ennio capasa : “i cowboy” means a boy that is quite, you know, free and he’s looking for a new frontier, he explores, it’s a moment that we have to explore. it’s very funny because a few months ago the depeche mode came in, they wanted to dress them and we started to collaborate. and then i remembered it, the fantastic video “my own personal jesus”, where they have this cowboy attitude. i said wow, this is a great idea now, just so fresh and nice. you know, that spirit to just be curious and explore and enjoy, you know, the new things. it’s based on two things one is traditional tailoring, very italian, very romantic. then you have something more summery, more sportswear and leather : super thin, super light, summery. also the fabric, i pay a lot of attention to the fabric because it gets so difficult now you know it gets so hot so early or so cold so it’s a very strange season and we try to explore these different feelings for dressing in the city now. as always i like mixing, i like to bring things together. it’s what we need now. music from fashion show