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Diesel Black Gold - Spring Summer 2014 Menswear Collection in Milan (with itw)

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Under a ramp of white neon, diesel black gold focuses on denim and leather. white denim opens the festivities for a fresh, youthful and urban look, indigo takes over slim fit suit jackets. then leather is never far away, treated this season so slightly like a second skin for a t-shirt or straight bermudas. the biker jacket has allure, associated with trousers rolled up above the ankle, while the nylon parka or denim jacket is printed with tropical motifs in black and white. renzo rosso, founder of the label continues to promote innovation at the heart of comfort and proves that the denim and tailoring can coexist with elegance. stephen dorff, sat in the front row, is a fine example of wearing jeans with style. music from fashion show interview renzo rosso : we are doing things to increase our label thanks to the knowhow, thanks to technology, this new technology can give you the possibility and i think that we show something that is very unique, because we do jacquard on denim . that is something you can do just with a classic mentality and we transform this denim which i think is very new and very unique. our clothing for me you can wear for longer hours during the day, it’s not something that just shocks and you can use just once. we want a double product that can be something you stay for a longer time in your garde-robe and this is why we always have a lot of details, but these details are very sophisticated. maybe you see the details or just imagine them. stephen dorff he’s always good, diesel is always very strong and i like the black gold it fits me good. so, renzo [rosso], giacome and the family invited me to come, so i’m here. i always wear jeans; jeans and tee shirt and a denim jacket or blazer, so it fits me pretty good.