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Louis Vuitton-Spring Summer 2014 Menswear Collection in Paris (with ITW)

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Kim jones, studio director at louis vuitton man, takes us on a road trip across the united states, the mountains to the desert. we find a scout spirit, mixed with sportswear ... reinterpreted bandanas with the lv initials become a collar lining or is printed entirely on a shirt. the young men are ready to travel in their new jackets; short and light, fully reversible, made in a double face silk, small printed squares interpret american check. otherwise, a biker jacker in an exotic earthy coloured leather is preferred. not to mention the v logo appearing as an embroidered patch. meanwhile, tuxedos are rejuvenated, short trousers and black jackets are made from the silk japanese kimonos and hand sewn. accessories also become momadic and are made in soft light brown and caramel leather. everything is designed for the busy man, traveller and adventurer, just like david beckham, who was sat on the front row. music from fashion show interview kim jones : we wanted it to be comfortable, we want it lightweight, we want it summery because when men work now and they travel from place to place you need to be able to have freedom with your clothes so that’s really important. lots of the jackets were reversible which you wouldn’t necessarily have seen because i like the idea of for example if you go on a three day trip and you have 2 events or 2 things to go to you can just change it round and you have a different look so it’s that sort of thing. men like it, it’s fun for them. it’s gaston vuitton’s logo that he painted on his steamer bag and we just love it because it’s a bit sporty, it has beautiful colours in it which are very vuitton because they come from him so it’s perfect for us to use for the menswear. the bandana symbolizes everything about americana and a lot of people have done their takes but we’re the only people that have the monogram or the damier so we can do our own special take on it which is great. i like the idea of having a slightly softer, duskier palette for that because it can be very loud if it’s shiny i like the idea of it being matte, i like the idea of it being soft and we sell those things so it’s nice to show versatility to people with it. sort of optimism and excitement in the world and that was the real height of the jet age of luxury travel so for me it’s a perfect complement to what vuitton is about.