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Graphic Trends for Haute Couture Shoes

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During the last haute couture catwalks, our eyes were lowered to the shoes, as they take new dimensions: stilettos have been made increasingly elegant, loops multiply, and in particular the graphic and urban trend is echoed in accessories, from christian dior’s catwalk by raf simons to the sixth rendez-vous at roger vivier, a limited edition collection by bruno frisoni. interview: bruno frisoni: i played with the past and the present face-to-face, it’s the past which reflects the present, and so the collection today is reflected in roger vivier’s apartment. it’s a game of illusions and the collection is based on that. so, a lot of things reflect roger vivier: the plastic crystal, sometimes its silkscreen-printing is like a flower tattoo, mirrored leather plays with the same illusion, as it’s resending the image, it disappears. the cutouts and the loops, are an illusion too because they don’t just hold the foot, after that with decoration ‘à la vivier’ with flowers or feathers that i always like to do, and all that poised on a decimal-shaped stiletto that is becoming higher each season, here it’s 5 inches. i liked the idea of having graphic silhouettes, of having really an accessory more than a shoe, so effectively here they’re silk gloves. it’s a very modern silhouette that has always fascinated me from the moment that i saw these archives, i have tried many times to reinterpret it and that has become evident. copyright-free music :bandi & nikit-2012