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Unique Top Shop Spring Summer Collection 2014 in London

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Topshop firmly establishes itself as a part of london fashion week with its top of the range label unique which, over the seasons, has become a very popular show, with even a smiling anna wintour present while kate moss, accompanied by her daughter, who moves about as a friend. as for the clothes, the collection is about celebrating sunshine and holidays. wide dresses with open backs are worn, the combinations seeming as elegant as ever, jeans play their part of course and don’t forget the shirt-dress, a must-have item. it is this complete wardrobe and easy to wear clothes with a slight twist that has made topshop such a success over the years. philip green: we’re still growing, we’ve got a lot to do yet; we’ve got a lot of stores opening in america next four weeks, we’re opening twenty-eight new stores with nordstrom, we’re just starting in france, we started in germany three weeks ago, in amsterdam and we’re working on china. i think it’s important to keep the brand in the right position and i think the guy has done a really great job and the collection was really good. music from the show