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Burberry Prorsum Spring Summer Collection 2014 in London (ITW)

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The burberry prorsum fashion show, whilst being this week’s must-see event in london, appears to represent a pause in time. christopher bailey, chief creative officer, has always known how to convey emotion and knows how to present the clothes perfectly. romanticism and softness merge in this spring/summer 2014 collection, with a tribute to the english rose. pastel tones dominate; stencils of flowers are studded on leather while coats are supple and ethereal, modelled on the idea of petals. research into delicate and authentic materials showcases fabrics such as scottish cashmere and english lace. a certain sensuality emerges from these pieces, most notably from the blouses and transparent skirts. finally, although there is always the important question of staying connected with burberry (with live broadcasts on every social network, a partnership with apple which gains the use of the latest iphone 5s before its global distribution, creating the possibility to request clothes directly from the catwalk), a simple, sophisticated yet confident silhouette is enough to make clothes far more beautiful... christopher bailey: i wanted the collection to feel gentle and tender and romantic and kind and i wanted people to have a little smile inside and i had been looking at these beautiful english rose gardens. i liked the idea of playing with fragility and strength at the same time and then taking these very noble fabrics like cashmeres that we made in scotland and laces that we made in this beautiful factory in nottingham in england and combining those different worlds. the collection is also a celebration of craftsmanship as well, playing with different textures and different ways of approaching textiles. what i wanted to do was to take out all of the construction in the coat and make them much more sensual and i like the idea of taking the spirit of a cardigan and making that into a coat and how we could translate that as a coat. i like this idea of playing with gauzy and light and transparent with something that was still light but that had a solidness and opacity to it. music from the show