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Chanel Spring Summer Collection 2014 in Paris (With Interview)

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Ninety works of art in all its forms are showcased in a temporary gallery beneath the glass-roofed grand palais, heralding the latest art-themed chanel collection. the propositions are endless on the runway, the common threads being the colour and the masterful work on fabrics which only chanel workshops and karl’s talent can produce. on the walls, all the art pieces including some very humorous, have been imagined by karl, referring to the codes of the fashion house. the catwalk exhibits a pink, frayed tweed overcoat, mesh knitwear moulds the silhouette and an unstructured waistcoat proposes a version for the day and a pearly version for the night. it’s all about the attitude as the jacket slips off one shoulder, lace is revealed beneath a flared skirt and knitted socks slide into stilettos. accessories are also on display and there are a range of options; a bag with rigid handles, a backpack and a portfolio. karl works colours like a painter with a rich palette made up of specific shadings, showing that he is a very inspired artist. his make-up is colourful for a disco look. riccardo tisci, katy perry and vanessa paradis seem to appreciate the show! interview: karl lagerfeld: it’s the whole thing, it’s the spirit of today, of fashion and the world of art, which have a tendency to take themselves too seriously, and since andy warhol, there has been a certain distance between everything i found it interesting to create a kind of replica of all this that was a kind of pastiche, light, without pretention and i think my art creations are very pretty. women don’t all have the same style or the same lifestyle, and in this collection as there are 90 models, there have to be a number of options, it is impossible to show just one look, and not to forget the 340 metre runway to walk down. katy perry: chanel has been around forever and it’s such a classic brand but it’s so chic and cool and so current, it’s got such a wonderful balance. riccardo tisci: it’s my first time watching chanel and i’m shocked, i made me think; where does he find all this energy to stay at the top? chanel is luxurious, so beautiful, so crafted, the colour is like a painting and then there was the music, “picasso baby” from jay-z and everything together is a potpourri of modernity. i’m really shocked. vanessa paradis: i found myself being taken straight back to springtime with the colours, the fluidity of the clothes, the splashes of paint on the backpacks, a sketch book under the arm…you feel people are leaving to laze about, to daydream, to draw somewhere… music from the show