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Hermès Spring Summer Collection 2014 in Paris (with interview)

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The tropical atmosphere in the orangery of the luxembourg gardens embodies this laid back, relaxed line. the supple, baggy shapes welcomed in the summer heat are present in ankle-length skirts and blouses which slide over the skin. the collection begins with impressions of equatorial flowers in the style of rousseau covering the outfits from head-to-toe, blending into the surrounding vegetation but for both the men’s and women’s lines, hermès never forgets to include a handful of exceptional pieces in crocodile skin and leather, such as bermuda shorts, a wraparound skirt or a blouse. flat sandals accompany this nonchalant look of a young, wise girl with sleek hair and natural make-up. interview: christophe lemaire : i wanted something very tropical, with nature present, very green, particularly dark greens and slightly humid, very much like rousseau’s jungle and that was part of the inspiration, the starting point of the collection, with wonderful giant flower prints from jeff miller. the line is more sensual too, lighter and more feminine with lots of dresses, lots of skirts but they are very fluid and not too tight on the body and so i tried to find this balance between something strict and to loosen it slightly. as for the materials, there are lots of beautiful fabrics, like silk shantung, washed silk, dyed silk and we designed an amish-style dress in three shades of blue and green, dyed in a green jus which gives the dress a subtlety and delicacy. we used cotton, linen, lawn, woolen muslin and leather of course and crocodile skin chiffon, a very light crocodile skin which is magnificent and very supple so we were able to create maxi-shorts which aren’t too stiff. music from the show