Elie Saab - Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014 Show in Paris (with itw)

The painter Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema inspired this Elie Saab Haute Couture collection for Spring/Summer 2014. The heroines of these paintings even encouraged the designers to remake draped dresses from previous seasons in vivid colours, from powder pink to purple to even particular deep shade of Raphael blue with a tulle slip. Three exquisite gowns in a floral print embroidered with sequins even receive a round of applause. As for the bride, she will once again forever inspire future princesses…Interview:Elie Saab:What impresses me about Alma-Tadena, is the way that he sees women, which is also exactly how I see them and when I discovered what he painted and the canvases that he had done, I saw his dresses in the way that I would do them, and that is one of the things that made me want to redo my old draped dresses from more than 10 years ago.Loyal clients of the house order at least one of these sorts of dresses every season, in bright colours or in slightly colder shades, and they really likes these dresses and they like to put with jewellery, especially in the summer and for weddings.There are lots of rose petals in this collection because one again, this comes from the work of this artist, who has many rose petals on his canvases and that inspired me.Music from the show

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