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Best of Stockholm Fashion Week

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This week, sweden followed the rhythm of fashion week, playing host to those big names come to present their latest autumn/winter 2014/15 collections.the past ten years have witnessed the blossoming of astonishing labels, all brimming with creativity.here are those that captured our attention:first up is house of dagmar. this label was founded in 2005 by three sisters who follow their instincts: lines are pure and clear, cuts asymmetrical, resulting in a very urban silhouette, made up of super stylish essentials, such as jumpers with flared sleeves, leather trousers or coats with zips at the back.at altewaisaome, it is all about two young female designers (natalia altewai & randa saome) who, for next winter, take inspiration from new york. the clothes are defined by their very graphic architecture but also by the colour palette of black/beige/yellow; all this reminds us of the designer who symbolises the big apple, donna karan. plays with volumes and materials create more flared silhouettes with research bringing a sophisticated elegance.let’s move onto the mixed shows, as menswear also takes the limelight in stockholm.j. linderberg has nothing left to prove. currently present in over 35 countries, the brand is still run by founder johan lindeberg, whose expertise and perfect cuts catch everyone’s eye. for next season, the designer mixes materials like nylon, supple leather and fur. tones are warm and dark, with hints of gold, notably on accessories. a sensual rock’n’roll vibe that will appeal to many of us.for whyred, this idea of tailoring is remastered and revived. this label that loves to blend different forms of art also devises a mixed, very urban wardrobe, where clothes become effortlessly unisex and highly tempting.couples dancing by twilight set the scene for cheap monday. make room for a more youthful style which evolves with time. created in 2004, this label became famous thanks to its jeans and skull prints, knowing when to turn towards more up market ready-to-wear. patterned sweatshirts, long strappy dresses, shorts and mini dresses are all rather successful.finally, stockholm fashion is synonymous with swedish giant h&m who makes the most of this fashion week by announcing its 2014 winner. french student eddy amenian was the happy winner of this third edition and will have the chance to create a capsule collection that will be sold in numerous h&m stores around the world!music from the show