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Is environmentally-friendly fashion the way forward?

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Editors, consultants and influential figures in the fashion world, elisabeth von guttmann and alexia niedzielski decided to push forward with their ever manifesto collective, to encourage luxury houses to move towards more responsible, ethical fashion. their powers of persuasion even won over high-street giant h&m who invited them to collaborate on their line, h&m conscious exclusive.and h&m goes even further by introducing a global initiative, from production to choice of recycled or biologic materials, with its products labeled h&m conscious.this year, efforts to promote responsible fashion have multiplied tenfold. at kenzo, artistic directors humberto leon and carol lim advocate the protection of oceans with evocative t-shirts.g star raw teams up with bionic yarn, whose creative director is none other than pharrell williams, to devise a clothing line created from plastic bottles found in the ocean, christened raw for the oceans which will be on sale next august.interviews:elizabeth von guttmann :today, everyone is very concerned about where things come from, whether they are biological or certified, and this should also be the case for clothes. we are also really interested in working with big and high-street labels, because that is what influences people as these are much more democratic and readily available. alexia niedzielski :h&m has a real impact because it has become, for example, the first consumer of organic cotton so we can see to what extent this effect is enormous and reflected in our consumption.alexandra martin :we have really made an eco-responsible process from the choice of materials to the production and even beyond this to in-store selling. humberto leon:i think fashion is also a platform to talk about things that are important to us. it was a really big inspiration for us to talk about water and not only just water but protecting the water.pharrell williams:what i am is a lucky guy who gets to participate in this incredible endeavour that bionic yarn has started and their crazy, crazy mission of just convincing people that they need to be cognizant of what they are doing out in the world and how it affects people later.alexia niedzielski:the aim is to find alternatives and not to limit ourselves to what we are given or what is constantly offered to us; we must always try to think outside the box and that is why we must work with designers, to stimulate them to re-examine materials, patterns and ways of fabrication but there is still much work to be done.music free of right : bandit & nikit-2012