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Peter Pilotto- Collection Spring/Summer 2015 London

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The two designers behind peter pilotto always transport us to a new visual experience. for more than one collection they have turned to experimenting with fabrics and their effects, all of which are handmade. small square mirrors, appliquéd silicone flowers, and swarovski crystals were all featured delicately on the organza dresses. for summer 2015, also on offer were black denim skirts and trousers worn with crop tops, for a cooler edge but not forgetting the embroidered exotic flowers and multi-coloured sequins also giving an exotic taste to the collection. the two designers never fail to surprise. interview: christopher de vos: the inspiration this season started with imagery of psychedelic rock, jimmy hendrix, and festival goers, and this whole idea of rainbow warriors.peter pilotto: and we really wanted to elevate the craft and push it beyond the print and we thought we had to find out own special effects, so we’re working with uncommon materials and techniques and that allowed us to layer the textures and colours and embroidery with the cyber flowers in a new way.christopher de vos: i think this season we wanted to move away from the prints and move it to another spectrum, and the way that we chose the colours…and the way it wasn’t only about the colours in the print but it was about the colours within the whole outfit, and the way how it drapes and interacts with it. music from the show