Elie Saab - Haute Couture Fashion Show Spring/Summer 2015 in Paris with interview

Elie Saab always puts the focus on his origins, his roots, and his country Lebanon. He designs each collection by thinking about his town, Beirut and his family. This time the starting point was a memory of a dress worn by his mother adorned in tulips. These flowers are found in 3D effects on several powder pink and gold dresses. Of course each gown is entirely embroidered in silk thread, beads, and sequins, and in this particular season, feathers. A nod to the 70s. The talent of Elie Saab is making each model light, ethereal and romantic. To note; the multiple propositions of short dresses and mini-bags equally embroidered with feathers.Interview: Elie Saab: I’m someone who is very attached to my country, to my city, to Beirut, above all because it’s the prettiest city in the world for me, it’s in Lebanon. This time, I based this collection on Beirut, because the prettiest period in Beirut were the sixties, and the nineties, and really the Lebanese, they know how to live. It’s one of the first times that I have used feathers throughout because everything to do with feathers started at the end of the sixties. I think it’s another material that is very feminine which we are using less and less, this time I really had the desire to go even further with it and use it lots in this collection. When I was a little boy the first time that I saw my mother I was mesmerized by her in a black dress with orange and green tulips, with a full skirt, I thought that my mother was very elegant in this dress, and it’s for that that tulips are in this collection. Music from the show

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