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Peter Pilotto- Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in London

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Based on the idea of board games, the designer duo, peter pilotto and christopher de vos, chose to reveal a collection going in crescendo...from purity from the first white models, we are taken to more and more present colours, under the form of bands imitating racetracks and the idea of pinball machines with the presence of chrome cabochons making an impression. again, it is a question of playing with the materials, mixing them, and experimenting. the coats are adorned with touches of fur, the tactile embellishments multiply, like the woollen flowers with swarovski crystals posed on the silk crepe. a luminous, intense and very well received collection. to note: the black jumpsuit with traces of fluorescent colours. interview: peter pilotto: we wanted to start with the silhouettes in white and you would really see the silhouette in the beginning, then the build up started throughout, the collection was inspired by game boards, so why game boards? because, of the layouts, we were fascinated by the different elements.christopher de vos: the dynamicness that game boards have, and this way of pin ball machines, like flipper, we found the mechanicness so cool with the energy and we wanted to express all of that.peter pilotto: we love working and manipulating fabrics and exploring with new fabrications, you know we do jacquards, we do woven, we do all...we do pure lace, prints, it’s all about different mediums, i think this is really what the world of peter pilotto is about.music from the show