Elie Saab - Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Paris with interview

The Elie Saab couture that we already embarked on last January in the heart of nature, is the theme again for his ready to wear collection. Even if the first models have the allure of officers with a proposition of several suits with gold buttons and huge tweed coats. By looking more closely at the details, we realise that the ribs on the shoulders and on the sleeves create branch like effects, in different tones of green reminding us of forests. Next follow dresses in warmer tones that look like coats of paint. Nature arrives in the form of flowers. The evening gowns become more voluminous, the crepes and macramés are perforated like ruffles and embroideries that take over several models. The black and red become irresistible at the end of the show with a play on draping and lace. To note: the multiple jumpsuits that are always so elegant and this red leather dress with a gold zip on the side which is so sensual.Interview: Emmanuelle Béart: He has something that is timeless, that is universal, at the same time a love for the women make ready to wear the only show where we don’t look at the models but we look at the dresses because there are so beautiful, it’s so creative and at the same time there is this structure, this vertical shape that is completely true to the man that is in life.Tom Pecheux: It’s really a woman who is inspired by all women and all kinds of women.It was this idea which we wanted to do...and with Elie it was really a very powerful woman which reminded us that it doesn’t matter what kind of women she is or what society she’s from, and it’s true that we shouldn’t forget that Mr Saab is there to dress women...he’s persuaded all women that they are princesses, it was extraordinary! Music from the show

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