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COP 21: 100% organic denim

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The fashion industry or more particularly that of jeans is extremely polluting, through the very chemical processes used to get indigo, dyed soft denim, the symbol embraced by the world population. but now the big houses such as the independent labels will redeem themselves and find a new way of production.an example, with g star raw and its collection "raw for the oceans". the products and notably the jeans were made of innovative bionic fibers, containing recycled plastic from the ocean; the spokesman is the star, pharrell williams.the swiss label freitag has developed a new material, the f-abric, made only from biodegradable vegetable fibers, and goes as far as buttons fasteners that can be reused, whilst at 1083, a young french brand created by two brothers, pointed out the traceability. itwekyog is producing 100% organic jeans using organic cotton and a harmless bleaching process.itwfinally note that fast fashion is committed too. an example with h & m or bonobo who now organize clothing drives in their shops and have started producing new clothes from clothing, notably recycled denim.interviews from: thomas huriez & gaëlle lelongthomas huriez: our jeans are made of organic cotton, they are spun, dyed, woven and made only in france. it’s all possible, at affordable prices, thanks to a more virtuous and better economic system, with fewer intermediaries.for us, promoting proximity is to provide the means to master what we do, to understand what we sell and do and for customers to understand what they buy.gaëlle lelong :we have managed to work on a relatively large, very fashionable, collection of jeans, with a very advanced wash process, respecting the environment and nature which is completely harmless to our health.we have a battle to fight through nature and organic fibre and also through innovation as dyeing treatments, product processing, and transformation of new fibres are eco-made.music free of right / bandit & nikit 2015