Diesel Black Gold Fashion show- MENS collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 in Milan (with interview)

An urban spirit and a collection inspired by the New York bicycle messengers for Diesel Black Gold.Designer: Andreas Melbostad, creative director at Diesel Black GoldSilhouette: Composed of clothes that overlap each other with a utility and protective function.Colours: Khaki, navy and black make up the palette for next winterPlease Note: The biker’s bag worn on the suit jacket, the double trousers (Bermuda + trousers) and the cape, a new iconic piece of the masculine wardrobe. Interview from Andreas Melbostad:I live in New York and I have always been fascinated by the bike messenger, because it’s the bike messengers that go through this urban landscape, cutting through the traffic and they have a certain way of dressing. They dress with a lot of utility, a lot of outerwear, they layer themselves up; they wear the cycling pants with the shorts on top. Then you have all the outerwear layered on top so this was really the starting point. We took all these ideas and silhouettes and started to rework them with very iconic references creating new hybrids like the biker jacket became a parka, it was this sort of idea throughout the collection. Ultimately giving a sort of stark, sharp look to represent this sort of urban ‘ninja’ almost.We focussed a lot on leather, a lot on outerwear, on denim and working with this vocabulary of recognisable items but giving them a new context. Music of the show

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