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Thom Browne Fashion show - MENS collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 in Paris (with interviews)

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Designer: thom browneinspiration: gentlemen come back to their private club since it reopened after the great depression of the 20s. setting: two men remove the sheets and mirror frames appear, the crystal chandelier lights up, the club chairs come to life. the gentlemen arrive, 13 silhouettes, in multiples of 3, symbolizing this period of history, from perfection to imperfectionfocus: always in shades of grey and black, every detail is thought about at thom browne, even imperfection demands enormous work, with defeated and dangling threads, fur as if shaved and then resuming its delicate shine, and even capes re-embroidered with pearls to note: the dog accessory, as a bag, ending up as patterns on some pieces, a nod to the designer’s own dog+ of course hats designed by stephen jones, covering up the faceinterviews from thom browne & stephen jones:thom browne:the story was about 13 friends and they go back to their gentlemen’s club when it reopened after the repression. it was the same person through the 10 years of the repression. he really looked back at himself when everything was perfect and he appreciated himself in the past. sometimes he was more beautiful because of the years that he had lived. it was almost the appreciation of the perfect but also the appreciation of the imperfect. it would have been very easy to just have washed and dried everything, but it was seriously designed to look like it had aged. the imperfect versions took a lot more work than the perfect versions.when referencing to the 20s, with the bowlers, i didn’t want to wear the bowlers as hats. i thought in order to replicate the guys as being this one person, i thought it would be nice to hide their faces and just conceptually create the same person with a mask. stephen jones:basically there was the hat and one little wire and a comb; actually it was magic that kept them on. music of the show, (donot reuse for more than 7 days after the show)