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Iris Van Herpen- WOMENSWEAR collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 in Paris (with interview)

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Theme: "lucid" -the unreality of seeingdesigner: iris van herpeninspiration: the designer explores the concept of the unreal and the real, presented in a performance with 17 silhouettes and models that are reflected in a play on mirrorssilhouette: voluminous and light shapes, 3d volume, pleated in relief + an optical and levitation effect for shoes with a transparent platform heel. the designer showcases her artisanal savoir-faire and her personal approach to fashion, sculpture and technology.colours: nude, grey and deep green.interview from iris van herpen:the biggest message for me is to find the very thin line between reality and nonreality. i think the eye is a very tricky thing, the way it can be changed and how your perception can be changed. the olf that you see in the lacing is a very thin film that bends the light so depending on your movement and how far away you are, it changes your perception of the girl and the clothes. for me it is also a magnifying glass to show the collection. i wanted to create a more intimate and personal experience for people to really discover the looks in their own time. the collection has 17 looks so it is a small collection and there is a lot of work in each of the looks and it is a combination of work by hand, 3 d printing, laser cutting and knitting. i think it is interesting to see it from so close up because you can see the detailing and the craftsmanship much better. it is a traditional ‘plissage’ technique that we did here in paris the only difference we made was that we did the plissage in both directions and that creates a very flexible, soft texture so it was very organic looking. music of the show, (donot reuse for more than 7 days after the show)