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Kenzo- MENSWEAR collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris (with interviews)

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Designers: humberto leon & carol liminspiration: clubbing & night life in los angeles - home town of the two designers - new york & other large megacities of the worldsilhouette: techno-urban. kenzo celebrates a new modernity with a play on overlays & volume, shirt & short jacket, disco pants, fringed shorts & sweaters focus on: the colours from the neon to black & white+ the logos: we see the label "kenzo" written but also "body & soul", "brilliant""... like party invitations printed straight onto the clothingnote: the multiple accessories - from baseball caps to bags & jewels+ the staging with models going out in groups... ready to go with their band and have fun all night longinterviews from carol lim & humberto leon & chloë sevigny.carol lim & humberto leon:the collection was all about celebrating nightlife, from kenzo takada to us nightlife was really important for the brand for us as individuals and i think it is a place where a lot of great things come together where people are unified through dance and music so it was really exciting to use that as a backdrop and as an inspiration for the collection. we wanted to show groups of friends who would go out together and dress in the same way and so it felt like a really nice way to present the collection. it is also not a particular generation and it is nice that it feels like a blend of all generations. we used a lot of the art work that is original from all the flyers and invitations throughout the years and we used it all as printed motifs and it is nice because it really shows your emotions on your body and i think that is a great way to represent yourself. the collection is mixed with easy things and couture techniques and jacquards so it the mixture for us feels like modern day clothing that people would wear every day.chloë sevigny:i loved the music i loved the groups. i thought it was so fun. i haven’t smiled that much during a fashion show in such a long time, it was so jovial and it was so fun, i loved it. music of the show, do not reuse for more than 7 days after the show