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Aouadi Paris - Fashion Show Haute Couture Autumn / Winter 2016/17 (with interview)

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Designer : yacine aouadi location : grand palais- galerie la rotondeinspiration : cordoba, acting as a symbol and synthesis between the orient and the west + the landscapes of douanier rousseau revisited with effects of kaleidoscopes. silhouette: that is close to the body + a sunny wardrobe with a juxtaposition of materials which accentuate the contrasts.focus: on the colours for this third collection, with 3d embroidery for a modern version of couture and cuts with curls evoking the petals of flowers. material: duchess satin, woolen cloth, silk velvets…to note: a first collaboration with the shoe maker francesco russo for a unique model of bridal sandals and embroidered platforms made with leather and glass pearls. interview with yacine aouadi:it’s the third collection that i have named cordoba, which is simply thanks to my trip in cordoba. the moment that i stepped into that mosque-cathedral, i was really taken by a very strong emotion to see that there was a time when religions were able to cohabit in peace, and that people and cultures could cohabit in peace. i wanted to experiment with colour, something more joyous. i always like to keep this effect which is close to my heart, that’s to say i don’t always make princess dresses that train with tons of fabric. therefore, the pieces always caress the body, that i think is my own identity, i’m having trouble letting that go at the moment, so yes, it is represented through the forms and the colours. for me there was always this notion of folk-lore, but in sweeping away at the end, a dress isn’t a costume, it doesn’t have to be folk-lore in any case. for me couture is something super modern in the end, it is ancestral, but it is ultra- modern because with the <<see now buy now>> attitude i think that couture is ready for that, we’re crossing our fingers, but in theory the pieces could be ordered now. music from the fashion show/ not to be used beyond 7 days after the show