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Gaultier Paris - Fashion Show Haute Couture Autumn / Winter 2016/17 (with interview)

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Designer : jean paul gaultier location : maison gaultier, 325 rue saint martin 75003 paris.inspiration: nature, the undergrowth, winter, autumn, an ode to femininity and to couture. focus: braids of mesh and leather, jacket, suit and coat and all with ribbon work creating the effect of a new material. tree bark prints, an tree bark effect made with embroidered sequins. to note: the dress with the sculpted 3d cage effect made with marquetry and pleated tulle and tartan for the extra-large orange mohair jackets and coats. a long flowing crepe and satin dress with autumnal landscape prints. a frock coat embroidered with buttons and a skirt suit adorned with sequins, covered by a parka with a hood embroidered with shot silk trimmings. silhouette: an asymmetric gown with wood prints and a coat in leather and mink, a brown satin bustier gown with a shiny finish, a long dress in pleated jersey. accessory: platform shoes imprinted with blades of wood. leather and fur hoods adorned with feathers. interview with jean paul gaultier this time i tried to make clothes that you can only make in couture, that’s to say i even created the materials. for example there are clothes that are made with materials that don’t even exist, that’s to say there is a base which could maybe be in moire or georgette or taffeta, and then we sew ribbons on top which form a sort of crunchy material that is quite new, you can’t find it anywhere, it’s not a fabric that you can buy. so this work, it’s a work of embroidering clothes, for example i have a parka that is entirely embroidered with trimmings but that retains its sporty feel. above all this work with ribbons, this work with trimmings, allows you to redesign the clothing, to accentuate the contours a little like topstitching but done by hand, composed by hand, because we couldn’t do it otherwise. therefore it’s something that can only be made in couture. it’s all an ode to natural elements, with drapes like tree bark, marquetry forming wooden planks. the accessories as well, the dreadlocks in the hair have a natural feel, and sometimes i even had waffle buns a bit like my winding ribbons. so the ensemble is totally harmonic, it’s really natural, the colours too; there are greens, woody landscapes, landscapes of clearings with natural light. furthermore, this fashion show will take place with the lighting of the day, the afternoon and the evening. music from the fashion show/ not to be used beyond 7 days after the show