Elie Saab - Fashion Show Haute Couture Autumn / Winter 2016/17 (with interview)

Designer : Elie Saab Location : Pavillon Cambon, with placards and posters of New York, graphic lighting representing skyscrapers. Inspiration: NYC where Elie Saab is going to open his flagship store, the first on the American continent to find a place amongst Hollywood glamour and the American actresses like Rita Hayworth. Silhouette: a supported bust, a voluminous skirt or velvet dress, embroideries of golden thread and bouquets of flowers. Focus on: The embroideries of birds like symbols of migration and changes of season, and heart embroideries, alluding to the heart pumping effect of arriving in new cities like New York. To note: the catwalk of little girls, dressed like their mummies, high fashion for children works really well for Elie Saab. Interview with Elie Saab: It’s a collection inspired by the end of the 40’s. I thought a lot about Rita Hayworth, of Marlene Dietrich, of Ava Gardner, who were the heroines of that period and it’s for that reason that there are lots of wrap skirts with splits and hairstyles like Rita Hayworth, but of course, I’ve tried to tackle it in a contemporary way. Another inspiration was the European families who arrived in America in the 40’s/50’s, they were the immigrants of luxury. I’ve used birds again, to represent the birds that pass each season from one place to another; they are a bit like immigrants. The hearts as well, they allude to when you are a stranger in a new city like New York, how your heart normally starts to beat really fast. It’s a different way of doing haute couture, because this time, between all the suits and little dresses, you can really see a lot of fabric, I think that that has given a certain force to the collection. Music from the fashion show/ not to be used beyond 7 days after the show

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