Etienne Deroeux: collection spring- summer 2017 in New York with interview

Designer : Étienne Deroeux. The young French designer chose to come and celebrate his 10th season in New York, where a number of his clients and buyers can be found. Location : The Standard, the mythical hotel, & Made Studios- that support the young design with glass windows overlooking the river. Silhouette : Inspired by New York, the energy of the city but also its diversity, a reference to the problematic current issues with migration. He takes a survival blanket and reworks it into a top and a dress. The body reveals itself through playing with cut outs. Focus on : the grey tee-shirt cut out at the neck like the leather dress. The loose sky blue shirt. To note : the touches of gold and silver notably on the short bomber jacket. Interview with Étienne Deroeux:It’s really inspired by American sportswear and by its roots, of easy wear, day wear and it’s also an important market for the brand. The collection is inspired by an observation that is that the world is closing in on itself a bit at the moment and the fact of coming to New York has become in itself an inspiration in the sense that it’s a particular city, it’s an immigrant city and it’s a city where the feeling of being a new-yorker takes precedent over nationality, origin, ethnicity. I used survival blankets, tarpaulins, these are the things that we see, that are the relatively shocking images today but that are closely linked to immigration and it’s about how to transform that into something much more positive, much lighter and to transform it into clothing without it being a caricature, but becoming something more symbolic, beyond that in terms of clothing, there is an american history of sportswear, of fashionable clothing, that is quite hybrid, that you can wear morning and night, in which you can work or go out in. There is a whole part of this collection that is based on a mix of genres that will be really masculine things and at the same time really feminine things, there are details of lingerie, but at the same Music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show,protected by the right to information)

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