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Phillip Plein : Collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Milan (with interviews)

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Designer : philipp plein mood : ‘alice in ghettoland’ - an imaginary garden, like a fairy tale, with merry go rounds and dolls houses. the last show in milan for phillipp plein, who chose, from now on, to present his collections in new york. fergie, paris hilton and the rapper fat joe were the celebrity guests.silhouette : summery, colorful and accessorized with gold chains. skirts and shorts, imprinted leggings, the body is magnified and emphasized. a sportswear vibe, urbanely embellished with lots of embroidery and by the accumulation of jewels and fabric which reflects the light.focus : on the knee high boots, the large velcro baskets, the unlimited jewels.interviews : philipp plein : i have to be honest with all of you there is a famous actress and singer who wore my sneakers on instagram and her name is ciara, and she was performing in fergie’s video ‘milf money’, i saw the video and i got so inspired by this video and so i said this is what we have to do , so it came into my mind “alice in ghettoland”, and you know what happens in the ghetto stays in the ghetto, so i called up fergie and she said ‘yo whatsup’ i’m up to do it, fergie’s in the campaign; which i shot yesterday with steven klein . music never follows fashion but fashion follows music.and fashion is made nowadays on the street, because it’s the young kids, the kids who have no money, who set the trend of tomorrow because the are the cool kids who put together the clothes they combine it, the designers look at them, they take their ideas, they bring it to the catwalk and sell it expensive in the stores. easy as it is, fashion is made on the street, this is why it is a ghetto street couture collection.fergie : it was larger than life, a fantasy, a beautiful fantasy, it was amazing. paris hilton : philipp really knows how to dress a woman, he know how to make women feel gorgeous, stand out, feel confident. any time i wear any of his clothes i just feel so happy and special. he really is talented and i’m so proud of him, he’s grown his brand so much, and i really, really admire him.music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)