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Rochas - Collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris ( with interviews )

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Designer : alessandro dell’acquainspiration : the 40s silhouette, the photographers erwin blumenfeld and cecil beaton, the ballerina, strong colours, dear to the founder, m. rochasfocus on : the big dresses with lively colours, mix plumetis tulle, the lace the petticoat worn with a short sleeved jumper or a cardiganthe chic jacquard, the deep velvet to note : the ‘r’ logo on the tops, bringing a sportswear touchplatform shoes in wood and coloured satin, always popular and originalinterviews :alessandro dell'acqua :this collection is the 40s mood but with lots of color and light and romanticism but with a girl with a contemporary attitude, it’s a romantic dress, but i wanted a strong attitude with very strong shoes with very strong girls and this was important for me, the dress is completely feminine and romantic.i love the rochas logo which has always been there throughout time, i worked with femininity but i wanted a bit of a sporty mood, but there is a lot of embroidery. i wanted chic elegance but with positivity, for me positivity is completely colorful, i love to mix and match things together i love the lingerie mood, i love the feminine, sensual, a little bit erotic mood. soko :i like fashion, i like dressing up, today i said i wanted to be like a disco ball and that i want to celebrate my film coming out so i love that there was a designer who had thought of making a dress like that where i could fell ready for the party music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)