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Off White - Collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris ( with interview )

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Mood : ‘medicine school’ in paris, carpet and swimming pool blue pouffes, frank ocean, kanye west, with kim, kris jenner - blocking the street and entrance of the show in their path - came to support their friend’s show, long time stylist consultant of the family. the collection is named “working girl”, but especially speaks of youth and freedom to be able to dress cool and stylish at the same time.focus on : the revisited jogging trousers and jackets, the stripes and the black and white squares brought back onto the ample skirts and trousers, transparent and fluid, the evening gowns in satin or in red leatherto note : the multiple baseball caps, the bags with yellow straps available to buy the next day. interview with virgil abloh : off white every season, it’s about reinforcing what i believe in, and what my friends, and my circle of people that i trust in terms of like an aesthetic, it’s about representing that, and you know in the work that you see during fashion week.it’s not limited to just sort of a visual appeal it doesn’t aspire to any rules, if i feel like a skirt should be big i want it to be big, if i think there should be a slim trouser, i think those are all different vocabularies in fashion that you can use to tell a story, and i feel like my overall story is what you explain in the beginning, it’s a mix of sportswear and formal things. culture to me feels more free than it did five to ten years and beyond so i’m fortunate to have the opportunity to create alongside designers that i’m personally a fan of and i take that with great responsibility. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)