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Pink Carpet & Interviews at the Victoria's Secret show in Paris

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Pink carpet & celebrities at the victoria's secret show in paris. the victoria's secret show will be broadcasted monday 5th december at 10pm eastern time on cbs.images can be only used within the news coverage of the showno resale for editorial use onlymusic from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)interviews with gabriel-kane day-lewis, stromae, giambattista valli, peter dundas, inès de la fressange, noémie lenoir, kristina bazan, soko,nick cannon, olivier rousteing. interviews:gabriel-kane day-lewis :it’s my first time at a victoria’s secrets show, even on arrival i was hallucinating over the grandeur of the event, the barricades, and all the policemen outside, it’s really spectacular, and magnificent. stromae :it’s the show, the american show, so it’s really great to discover it. giambattista valli :i love my girls who are also victoria’s secret girls, i’ve always loved the concept of victoria’s secret, it’s a concept truly dedicated to girls, and i love that victoria’s secret decided to do it in paris, it’s a sublime support to the city and it’s very beautiful, this is the place to be! peter dundas :i came to see a show, to have fun, it is always a pleasure to see a show that you didn’t do yourself, it’s also a moment to see something shine, to see an energy and i think that victoria’s secret is perfect for that. inès de la fressange :i think it is a wonderful symbol for a brand like victoria's secret to be in paris and it is kind of like a sign of success, and when we see the grand palais all pink like that, we say that that they are lucky and so are we. noémie lenoir :five years ago i was taking part, and now, i will be able to watch, and to goggle because we really like beautiful women so voila i am very proud and happy to be here tonight for victoria’s secret and in paris. kristina bazan :it definitely gives you a confidence to push yourself, like oh my god i need to go and work out and to stop eating junk food, the girls are incredible, and a lot of them are my friends and i see their diets, they’re athletes, it’s incredible, their lifestyle and how disciplined they are, i think it’s very inspiring to see women who are just so determined to look so good, i think it’s very inspiring.soko :i’m here to see a lot of banging hot girls in underwearnick cannon : i just love the brand, i love victoria’s secret so much, it’s powerful, it’s sexy and its inspirational for women all over the world. olivier rousteing : all my friends are really powerful, confident and sexy, and daring, i think all my friends, all the balmain army will be so happy to be here, what i love about victoria’s secret is that we kind of have the same taste, we dare, we really believe in love and sexiness and strong women, so i think all my balmain army will be really pleased to be here and i just love victoria’s secret, its exactly what i love, the new amazonians of our generation.