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MOSCHINO - Menswear collection Autumn/Winter 2017/18 in Milan

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Designer : jeremy scott the moschino man make a comeback on the milanese catwalk. a show which mixes the masculine collection for winter 2017 and the pre fall women’s collection. a presentation where war meets beauty with camouflage prints, flowers and futuristic motifs. two universes of chaos and reconstruction confront each other. the coloured camouflaged trousers, an embroidered military jumpsuit, kaki parkas with black flowers hand painted for men walking at high speed, and the small bulky dresses in a military green giving a couture allure to this feminine commando. to note : the beret accessorized with pendants, safety pins and buttons .... and the harness, a new fashion accessory. in the room, kristen stewart and paris hilton in the front row attend this strongly contrasting show!interview with jeremy scott : i really wanted to play with this italian renaissance, and the frescos and all this beauty but sometimes it’s being covered up with black paint, it’s almost being abstracted, in a way, to obscure the beauty, and i wanted to bring that out because i feel that it’s the mood we are living in today, i feel it’s not only in the us but also in europe there’s a very big contrast in what a lot of the youth believed and a lot of what the establishment is doing, so the show reflects that, it’s a war, and we have to find beauty in there and we have to fight for what we believe in and that’s very much what the mood of the show is. the beauty is expressed sometimes when you get into the army part, you have the flowers painted on, it’s in black, it’s still severe, but it’s a flower painted onto your army fatigues, and then you get into a little bit of colour with the camouflage morphing into more of a joyful colour camouflage, you get into these florals which make a camouflage, then you get into these italian renaissance frescos with the cherubs and then the goddesses and all that kind of beauty and then of course we have to remember to fight for this beauty as people are trying to take it from us. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)