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Rochas - Women's Autumn-Winter 2017/18 collection in Paris (with interviews)

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Artistic director: alessandro dell'acquaambiance: a new rochas woman, romantic, soft, a tad bourgeois, with references to marella agnelli or helene rochas.silhouette: the fluid dresses, recovering, with the bare backs or worked all in lace and ribbons, around the earth/okra/camel and some pastel tones. the many coats, realized in a fifties touch. a zebra effect on a dress or a skirt worn on a simple t-shirt. an immaculate and attractive elegance.to note: the ‘r’ for rochas, already present last season, reworked on the clothes but also on the bags and accessories. interview with alessandro dell’aquafor me it’s very important to continue with this situation with 'r' the last season with just a little touch but this season i wanted the 'r' to be very present in this collection, for the shoes, for the bag for the coat for the belt because for me it’s a new way for rochas, a new mood for rochas and the new logo. i wanted a very classic dress, but i wanted an eccentricity in each part of the dress, for me the back is very important because it’s the woman’s most important side, for me it’s like the key and the erotic moodi wanted a bit of a snobby, aristocratic mood, because the mood is marella agnelli and helene rochas with the classic and eccentricity mixed together. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)