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Jacquemus : Le Petit Prince of Marseille

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All at just 27 years old, the designer simon porte jacquemus, the head of the eponymous brand, will be from the 12th may honored at the “open my med” festival in marseille, with lots of exhibitions and a fashion show in the heart of the city. the occasion to return to the already emblematic fashion shows of the young prince of fashion. (interview)simon porte jacquemus has been quickly made known and appreciated amongst the world of fashion, with a poetic approach, with naive aesthetics with an obsession around the circles and squares. (interview)his collections always reference his region in the south of france, a story, a childhood memory… (interview)he has been showing since 2012 during paris fashion week and received the special lvmh prize in 2015.his girl is fresh, sensual and dynamic at the same time. silhouettes with worked volumes, bestowing a true personality upon his wardrobe. (interview)both close to the universe of andré courrèges and also paco rabanne, he develops his own style in the course of the collections, very anchored in his time. and for the first time, he will show his spring summer 2017 collection in public in marseille, baptized “the santons of provence”, presented in september during parisian fashion week. (interview)interview with simon porte jacquemus :there is always a base at jacquemus, its blue and white and after i was obsessed with blue and white because i come from marseille, i don’t know, but i’m joking…voila !always circles and squares, it’s really how i always identify jacquemus, i’m obsessed with that.swimsuits, deckchairs, parasols, it wasn’t ‘the umbrellas of cherbourg’ but the parasols of marseille.there must always be asymmetry, something too long, something too short, pleated on one side, there is something like that as well, like destruction, a puzzle, that a lot of designers say but here, it’s true that that comes more and more from me. i try not to listen to advice, actually it’s exactly what i try to do, because between what we should do commercially and what we should do in the press, i believe that you must listen to your instincts and i have worked like that ever since the beginning, but i wanted to stay free and to do what i want, like what i’m doing today, its everything, it’s the only message that i want to send, to stay free and to be the boy i am. but i think that i have grown up as well, i like other thing, i’m discovering other universes, i think that my universe has grown up with me, so that’s quite beautiful.teaser music from the exhibition (use only in the context of this report, under cover of the right to information)