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Diesel Black Gold Fashion Show - Menswear and Womenswear co-ed Spring/Summer 2018 with interview

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Designer : andreas melbostadcollection : menswear and womenswear co-ed spring/summer 2018inpsiration : techno-grunge and athletic allurethe silhouette is lengthened, and with numerous superpositions. the shirt-dresses are unbuttoned, and the trouser unzipped. both shorts and leggings are worn together. the materials are light and technical. a wardrobe influenced by the nineties, with references to sport and streetwear.to note: the cropped tops + the body-con mesh skirts, the fluidity of the checked shirts, and long dresses with suspenders. canvas parachute parkas and suit-jackets without sleeves. the reworked denim and leather in oversized volumes, or otherwise ultra-fitted.focus: large open-toed ankle boots.andreas melbostad : for us, as a brand, it was a great opportunity to really show the full vision of who we are by combining the two. in terms of the design of the collection, it wasn’t so different for me because we always really played with a lot of the same ideas and codes. in terms of putting the show together, it was a little bit different in terms of how to do it, and i found myself making the woman’s almost ultra-feminine, and the guys ultra-masculine, just to kind of really express that kind of range within the product that we do.really to kind of play with all the layering, to kind of mix all the codes, so you have the sports reference, you have the biker reference, you have a kind of grunge reference. we called it collection techno-grunge we did a lot more fluidity, and lightness. we would take a checked men’s shirt and, wanted to make a dress, so we developed a silk from there, so it was like a crossover, and then also taking like the technical things. so, i loved making a t-shirt dress out of a vintage quality sports jersey, and a lot of like, leggings and parachute nylons, and of course there’s the leather, there’s the denim, there’s the suede, there are all those materials that we always wear.music of the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information)