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Proenza Schouler Interview - Womenswear Ready to Wear & Resort Collection Spring/Summer 2018 (with interviews)

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Designers: lazaro hernandez & jack mccolloughatmosphere: in a high school courtyard in the heart of paris. the american duo chose the french capital to showcase their resort and spring/summer ready-to-wear collections, during haute couture fashion week.collection: a sophisticated and modern attitude. a story of ruffles. bras integrate themselves with jackets, cinched in at the waist. lace, feathers and embroidery created by french artisans, such as flowers embroidered one by one which play a part in the magic.focus on: the falling sleeves which expose the shoulders.the flared trouser and long skirts with wavy, ruffled hems.sparkling details and rivets.to note: the shoes with two-tone curves.the earrings and the bags.the top models, sasha pivavorova & mariacarla boscono, who walked the runway.interview lazaro hernandez & jack mccollough:hernandez: this city has so much history with couture, and just fashion. it’s always been the most inspiring city for us. we’ve always dreamed about one day showing here, and then we decided to merge the pre-collection with the main collection and do it all together. and then we were officially invited by the chambre syndicale. they asked us when we were going to show in paris, and we were like, ‘let’s do it, let’s do it this season’.hernandez: we researched all these independent parisian ateliers that do feather work, that do hand-weaving textiles, ribbons, and we employed all these amazing little studios, and we worked back and forth, from new york to paris the whole season, creating all the textiles and the fabrics and trends that you see in the collection. so there was very much a dialogue between new york and paris the whole season. mccollough: it was really a celebration of craft. we wanted to go back to some quite traditional techniques, and kind of plug them in to what we do. we really want the collection to feel quite optimistic, and really the ‘anti-cynical’ collection that was really a celebration of beauty.hernandez: it’s important for it to be modern and for it to be of our generation, so it’s interesting to play with all these codes and make them ‘us’ and make them like our friends and make them, like we’re kids from new york. well, not kids anymore.hernandez: there’s always that element of “street” and that element of something which is a little bit broken and undone, the ruffles falling. there’s always that mix.mccollough: but then something more worked and kind of more built-up. the contrast of those two worlds is always something we’re playing with.hernandez: it’s never too perfect.mccollough: it’s always a bit undone, a little destroyed.music of the show (only to be used in the context of the show, under the protection of the right to information)