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The Hoka One One Running Shoe is Top of the League!

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With thick, curved soles, and bright colours, hoka one one is today a phenomenon of international fashion! created in 2009 near annecy, this running shoe is shadowing the major equipment manufacturers recognized as nike or adidas. a meeting with christophe aubonnet sheds light on the success of this shoe, which emphasizes not only technology but an avant-garde look taking its place in the sun!interview christophe aubonnet: the foundation of hoka’s dna stems from the practice of long-distance adventure. the starting point was really the strength of the product. we invented something and ensured that the packaging was as informative as it was attractive. in this way, we have very quickly developed a concept which was born from the idea of cross country. however, during the second year, and therefore concerning the second generation of products, we started to make products for the track as a result of the feedback we were receiving from people who had tested them, as well as certain athletes who had adopted them quite quickly. we understood that, from the beginning, what was sticking very well for seasoned professionals was potentially more authentic and more interesting as something that would benefit a sunday jogger or an occasional runner. what we’ve done, is that we’ve oversized the sole in order to add more cushion, all the while adding higher impact volume. we are also going to curve it in order to improve the way the sole rolls out. this increases effectivity while running as well as while walking. this assistance is totally new, and is something that was a particularity of the brand, something that somewhat breaks the rules and ensures that we are also able to communicate a difference. hoka comes from the maori-polynesian language. it means to fly, or to hover, in polynesian. this corresponds to the promise of departure with shoes that feel very light, and which give us a desire to fly on the track, and then to dash about effortlessly. in france, we have become one of the three main players in the distribution specialised in running, and one of the three to four most distributed and in demand brands, as we represent a new trend, and possess not simply one or two models, but instead have a great supply. musique free of right: bandit & nikit