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Y/PROJECT- Women's ready to wear show Spring/Summer 2018 in Paris (with interview)

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Designer: glenn martens collection: a collection with exaggerated volumes, with multiple possible ways to wear the clothes, with hemlines and a play on sleeves. equally the amount of drapery and embroidery of pearls onto tulles ensembles, as well as clothes with unexpected cuts. reworked basics such as the polo dress, the shirt tied at the neck, or the trench with added ruffles in the back. to note: the twisted mesh dress, the boots rolled in a spiral around the leg and the big earrings with a similar effect. interview with glenn martens there are plenty of volumes which are done by creating another piece, there are also jumpers, like the first mohair jumpers, it could also be dresses depending on how they’re buttoned, that could be super long, naturally when we heighten them they can create somewhat absurd volumes, at y/project we always play with that, with these volumes. for each piece, there is a way of adapting to each piece, with the other ways of wearing them, so in styling, it’s tiring because in each piece you can find so many different ways of wearing them that it takes a long time to say ‘we’re going to do that’, it’s a statement to stay how we ourselves will say how they must be worn. the idea is that people can don another piece with what they have and that they’ll have fun with their piece. with the women we’ve always created very strong concepts over the last three seasons, with pieces that are extremely couture, or more tailored, more worked and there we wanted to show that these concepts which are a bit absurd can also be transmitted onto classic clothes, so onto a polo dress, a small cardigan, and we can do that with normal and basic pieces. all this history of the tulle is a bit paris opera in the great period with the tulle, the small flowers in the neckline, so it comes from there. there is always a couture side, it’s obligatory. music from the show (for use only in context of the shox, under cover of the right to information).