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Alice + Olivia - Women's Collection Autumn/Winter 2018/19 in New York (with interviews)

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Inspiration: ‘welcome to alice + olivia university’. through a presentation of several pictures, the designer invites us to an all-female university. we go through different scenes, depicting the ground-breaking stages of the feminine revolution: from marie-antoinette to rock stars, sport stars to romantic heroines. an approach that also shows the power of women, with the slogan being: ‘reflecting on the past to change the future’. collection: brocade on pleated velvet, quilted or studded leather for a rock vibe. dresses embroidered with flowers like a garden of colours, the prom skirts are shortened at the front. rainbow sequins are scattered on a jacket, a skirt, a sports outfit. the brand’s dna is found in the colour added to the embroidery, the studs, the rhinestones, pearls and jewellery. to note: the rock’n’roll touch with the red tongue of the rolling stones and the photo of bowie superimposed on a beaded t-shirt. interviews with stacey bendit & paris hilton: stacey: the sets are really important because they tell a story and they represent as a brand what we’re going to be doing throughout the season, in our windows, in our stores, our visual displays and our emails and so i wanted to create a university setting. there’s so much happening in the united states right now, and i wanted to inspire women with the knowledge that we can learn from the past, and be inspired by things that have happened in the past to change the future. i wanted the clothes to feel really powerful. i wanted the whole vibe of the styling to be this sort of rock’n’roll revolution so you have, from revolutionary times, these beautiful lace, organza, ruffle blouses but then back to crazy jeans and cool jackets. that was the styling inspiration. paris: i love alice + olivia, i’ve been friends with stacey the designer since i was a teenager, i think she’s so talented and i love that she’s built such an incredible empire. all of her designs are always one of my favourites at fashion week, and always so beautiful and feminine and sexy and i’m so proud of her. i love it because it’s a great time, ever since i was 13 years old i’ve been coming to fashion week with my sister and it’s really an amazing time for us to spend together see all the fashion and being a designer i really get inspired just by seeing so many beautiful things on the runway and at the shows, so that’s why i love to come. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)